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2015 Syttende Mai ShowTHE DUNCE &

OLE - Merlin Luschen
LENA - Arlene Minor
LARS - Jerry Lapidakis
RUGNA - Kristen Johnson
HELGA - Angy  Gagliano
ROLF - Mikey Jarlsberg
MAYOR - Anne Hill
AID - Lindsay Hudson
GUNNAR - Tim Markle
BRITTA - Anne Hill
KRISTEN - Tracy Markle
SIGRID - Georgean Pentel Nicholson
ROSETTA - Nicole Hale
COLEEN - Lindsay Hudson
ANNIKA - Annika Hauser
HANNAH - Hannah Olson
GRACE - Grace Gilbert
KYLE - Kylie Nelson
NORA - Nora Watson
ELSIE - Elsie Watson
DANCE MOM 1- Brooke Hauser
DANCE MOM 2 - Suzette Peterson
LANCE - Dave Conour
TORVOLD 1 - Mikey Jarlsberg        
TORVOLD 2 - Bo Collins      
NELS - Bob Breen      
JOHNNY - Warren Kmiec
ANDY - Tim Markle     
MARY - Anne Hill       
BOB - Bob Breen


TV VOICE - Tony Hill
TV ANNOUNCER - Brooke Hauser
KING OF NORWAY - Gary Smithback
QUEEN OF NORWAY - Kathy Horton

T-Coil Listening DevicesAssistive Listening Devices Available

We are happy to provide a state of the art assistive listening system for patrons with hearing loss. The theater is now equipped with a magnetic induction loop system that broadcasts digital sound wirelessly to hearing aids.

  • Hearing aids with a telecoil (T-coil), simply push the button on your aid.
  • Hearing aids without a T-coil, ask an usher to supply you with a headset for your use.

Hearing loop system is supported by grants from Dane Arts with additional funds from the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation and the Bryant Foundation.

Brick and Chair Personalizations: Easy as 1-2-3

$100: Small bricks (4" x 8") have two lines of twelve characters or spaces.

Order $100 Brick

$300: Large bricks (8" x 8") have five lines of twelve characters or spaces.

Order $300 Brick

chairSelect the seat location and personalize

$200 per Chair

Questions can be directed to Kathy at

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